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Destiny PC

Have you waited enough to play your favorite game Destiny on PC? Well, Team Bungie are now aware of your passion and are launching it on PC. The newer version Destiny 2 is supposed to be released in September 2017, and regarding the debate either to bring it on PC or not, the team is in the research phase. This is why as a first phase promotional campaign, the publisher Activision decided to launch an older version in PC so that they can do survey either to launch the new destiny game for PC in the same date or not. The official game in promotional phase can be downloaded for free from this website for a limited period of time. If the result turns out to be positive, Team Bungie will build it for PC, however, that game will not be available free.

Destiny PC Platforms

Destiny PC version was the most awaited game for Destiny guardians. This new Destiny PC release is believed to become a milestone for the new era of gaming on PC. The game publisher is Activision and is developed by Bungie. Destiny for PC similar to its previous versions on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one, is only first person game which can be played multiplayer in an online platform.
Destiny PC facilitates both Player versus Environment (PVE) and Player versus Player (PVP) mode. The PVE mode not just has a story mode but also consists strike of three players and raid of six players. The PVP mode is played being based on the objective. It also contains death-match mode.

Players in Destiny for PC are supposed to protect the last safe city on the earth as a guardian fighting against different alien races. It is a first person shooter game which has role-playing and online platform. This game is referred as “shared world shooter”. One of the best factors of destiny PC is that it incorporates fly matchmaking mode which only allows the player to communicate with their matched player in the game.
Players in Destiny PC are referred as guardian and the guardians can be improved as the player gains enough experience points. As the performance of player increases, they are rewarded with experience points. After collecting enough points and upgrading the guardian, the player can be benefited with improved statistics. This will further increase the performance of the player.
The game features three classes of Characters and each has their own special ability including different kinds of perks, upgrades and special abilities. The game also provides two sub-classes for players to provide a different experience. Firstly you need to select a class in this game than choosing one of the species available which can be Human awoken ( descendants of Humans having bluish gray skin) or Exo (humanoid). Not just this, the players can also change the gender and skin color after selecting Either of human or Exo. The characters were chosen only are for cosmetic changes and they do not affect the game-play in any kind.

Destiny PC Features

The plot of PC version of Destiny is built where we will be taken 700 years forward and we are going to be struck down. Here the player, the guardian is the one who will fight for humanity and protect the mankind The enemies are stronger and intelligent but so we guardians are. the first person guardian is not the only guardian in the game. There was the first guardian called traveler which sacrificed itself for the protection of plant. There is no clue either it is alive or not. The emotion bonded with the game is that we owe our lives to traveler and fight for our survival.
The guardians in this game are the unlock-er of the mystery, the story finder. Destiny for PC regarding this story can be taken as a fully adventurous game. We will unlock the features of Exo the stranger and a rogue who guides us in our journey who herself is on her journey against the time. Other characters are Eris the survivor, who is also a Raid team member. There is a queen character who despite the confusion of being ally, requires our help. In summary we need to fight for the light tearing down the darkness. Team Bungie believes that this adventurous game is going to be more fun on PC.

Filename: DestinyPC.rar

Filesize : 3.3GB

Game type: Action role playing, First person shooter

# PS : The game is provided free for research purpose either to, build it on PC or not. It is highly recommended for destiny fans who want Destiny 2 for PC to download and provide feedback about the game so that we can take a decision to build new game.

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