Nioh PC is one of the best action game of 2017.This game is Japanese production produced by team ninja and first published by sony entertainment for PS4 but the game went so viral game got demand for many platforms especially for PC.So producer decided to produce this game for PC as well you get to download this game from this website for free if click on the download button down below.The game is about fighting with the monster who are infected.Nioh PC is about 1600 Japanese period even you can say the story is about mid civil war of japan.Soldier name William is the main lead of the game who come to japan in search of the enemy and defend them.
Development of Nioh PC started on late 2004 this is a project given to TEAM NINJA it remained unfinished because of some lack of technology so it remained unfinished for 8 years after lots of discovery finally Team Ninja start working on the project and where we go we can now play and download this game.The Story of nioh PC is based on western samurai with supernatural ability who has power which normal human can never have. The Game was made public on 2005 after lots of experiment and research in 2015 demo of this was made published.

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Taking about Nioh PC this game is action role-playing game.The game is about Japanese civil war during 1600.Main lead of this game is William who is European samurai who is there in search of the enemy and destroys them so the mission of the game is to control William and fight against human enemy and yokai with supernatural power.The game is self-conducted all you have to guide you main lead to the route as you want while traveling to the route as directed you will see lots of collectible things which can be very helpful for gaining life and strength.Those collectible things can be any things like a gem for EXP that means you can gain experience quick collecting those, you can collect weapons like guns and bomb.You Can jump run William on Nioh PC.You collected extra item which you don’t need them you can sell them can collected coins which you can use them to buy things that you might need to buy things you need to buy that you might need later.Exp can help you retrieve life if you are dead.

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Development of Nioh PC:
The of Nioh PC came on 2004 it took near a decade for completion this game and bring this came into the market.The game is produced by team ninja.After the success of dead and alive. The game is designed with the latest technology with high detail work with realistic view .3D modeling and artwork is perfectly done this game was first published for PS4 but after high demand for PC this is released for PC gamers also You are thing to download this game you click on the Download button below and start downloading this game .

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