Download Official Snapchat for Windows Phone

November 9, 2016 – Applications, Games
Download Official Snapchat for Windows Phone

Have you ever wanted to use official Snapchat on your windows phone but you were unable to download it? Now, You don’t have to worry no more because we are proud to bring you Snapchat on your windows phone. Download Snapchat for Windows phone by just clicking the download button below.
Snapchat is a new social networking application which is a lot different from other websites or apps. You can send snap to your friends which will disappear after they watch. They will be able to replay only once and if they take screenshot of your snap, you will be notified. The best thing about Snapchat is privacy, You can see who viewed your story and even who took screenshot of it. Life is more fun when you share each and every moment with your friends.

snapchat for windows phone
Firstly, snapchat was released by the name of picaboo. The original idea behind snapchat was to send selfie to your friends and the image gets erased automatically. Later when it got bigger, they renamed the application to Snapchat. There are more than 100 million active users on snapchat right now. So, are you ready to be part of snapchat society.
Download Snapchat XAP format file from the link below.

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